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Delhaize SEA & Digital pitch

Mega trends around digital, new entrants and channel blurring challenge Delhaize to reinvent itself.

More specifically, given the ever more competitive market and the changing commercial & marketing communication landscape with changing modus operandi, Delhaize wants to Internalize digital capabilities, beginning by SEA

Therefore Delhaize launched mid 2020 a pitch for SEA and Digital internalization capabilities searching for the right strategic and operational agency partner to optimize and improve the digital insourcing over the coming years.

A thorough pitch process was set up : 11 of the best digital agencies were invited in the RFI phase to continue with 5 in RFP and 3 in the final round. BrandBloxx was retained by Delhaize as digital agency partner. The first digital discipline to optimize and further insource was search.

“I’m very happy to see that the choice for BrandBloxx already pays off in our 2020 End-Of-Year campaign. We achieved record high consideration results with impact on sales”, shares Delhaize Head of Media Annelore Van Hove, who leads the full process in close partnership with the Delhaize marketing leadership team.

Magis powered by Brandbloxx wins Delhaize SEA and digital internalization pitch

BrandBloxx is a local and independent network of expert agencies to support brands with tailor made expertise (the bloxx) to optimally help and support brands & businesses to succeed in their challenges. The double X stands for expertise and X-factor to make a difference. Each agency operates expertise in day-to-day and has been doing so for many years. This maximizes the level of expertise compared to persons being responsible for a domain as part of a full service agency. In function of specific brand or business challenges, a tailor made expert team is built with 1 leading contact to facilitate integrated operations as 1 team.

The capability to optimally deliver against the digital Delhaize challenge required digital operational and technological expertise in execution guided by holistic integrated marketing expertise and organizational expertise on strategic level. That is why a tailormade Brandbloxx team for Delhaize was sourced from Magis.Agency, Geezer agency, Buda and Hakacia. That team works as 1 in day-to-day combining the best of both worlds: the efficiency of 1 team with the expertise of all critical elements for success.

“Within Brandbloxx we combine more than 50 years of advertiser experience with more than 50 years agency experience from marketing strategy to digital expertise. That integration is what really makes the difference in results”, shares Brandbloxx architect Alex Thoré.



  • Client: Delhaize

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