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The 6 party animals

Being a food retailer, culinary inspiration is obviously also an always on content topic in parallel of the Delhaize better pillars. Also obvious is the EOY as culinary inspiration momentum. Less obvious is how to  make consumers consider Delhaize even more for their EOY food shopping.  

Traditionally some recipes of a chef would be launched in different channels. Digital insights, the art of editorial and channel expertise offered the better answers in this case. As important as the quality of ingredients, is to help consumers with the most delicious but feasible recipes whilst helping them in how to prepare those more festive ingredients. How do you keep oysters? Or what is the best way to open them? Do I go  for raw or smoked salmon? How do I make tempura scampis? How do I cook the lobster and which cutlery  do I certainly need? Which meat do I best use as farce for the perfect turkey… and how do I make sure that  my turkey does not turn dry in the oven? 

All those answers were shared omnichannel taking into account the specifics of each channel. Appealing editorial and visuals in the magazine, inspirational and traffic generating carousels and gifs with more casual copy in social, polls on the key questions in stories, and all information on You will find a larger list of the content assets in the separate “Delhaize EOY” pdf with a flavor below. So what do you think? “To turkey or not to turkey?” In any case, “l’union fait la farce”.


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