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e5 shops at & Smooth for its digital marketing story

Textile brothers Peter and Kristof De Sutter took over e5 at the beginning of 2021. They did so  with great ambition: “We aim for 100 million turnover by 2023.” This ambition must be fulfilled  through 60 physical stores combined with general digitization and more than x3 in web sales.  For the latter, e5 was looking for the right digital partner to elaborate the digital growth plan in  detail.

Building that perfect plan requires digital technology mastership with marketing strategy competence and fashion industry experience. Smooth was already working with e5 as digital transformation partner. So rather than launching isolated seperate tracks, Magis proposed with Smooth to build a strategic trio together with the e5 head of marketing Olivia Devuyst. This proposal was received with enthusiasm by CEOs Peter & Kristof.

The strategic e5-Magis-Smooth trio worked out a full plan in Q4 covering… 

  • A sharpened e5 brand positioning with 5 consumer benefits to be activated throughout the mix A lead generation boost plan tripling visits as topline growth driver of the business Registered purchase drivers 
  • Fulfillment review and optimization, and 
  • Expansion possibilities.  

That partnership proved so successful that the collaboration continues with Magis as e5 content agency.


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