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Magis triggers people to say yes

Whilst the “pop the question” campaign had as objective to grow the NRT category with Nicorette brand  growth as a consequence, this campaign aimed to directly promote Nicorette (NRT = Nicotine Replacement  Therapy).  

A loved one is one of the key drivers to stop smoking. So rather than just sharing the scientific evidence of  Nicorette via a testimonial – which is category standard – we leveraged the human insight in our storytelling.  When one is truly in love and ready to fully engage, that’s when we say yes. Not only to that person, but also  to stop smoking.  

When translating this in digital and POS creative, the journey thinking was taken on board. Throughout  digital, and also throughout the POS. Are you also ready to say yes?


  • Digital
  • Magazine
  • POS


  • Client: Johnson&Johnson
  • Marketing: Stefaan Van Acker, Mieke Truyen
  • Agency:
  • Strategy & Client Lead: Iris Verdoodt
  • Content creation: Andries
  • Media Agency: J3

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