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Magis pops the question

Pharmacists called out May as the month of prevention. This year’s theme: “quit smoking”. About one out of five Belgians smoke. Three out of four of them are open to quit. Still, that doesn’t happen or succeeds sufficiently. Most try to quit solo, whilst a little help of a professional combined with the right nicotine replacement therapy significantly increases success rates. It’s like people have this barrier to ask for help… just like one would have cold feet to ask a girl or a boy out… or to pop the question ;-).

This relational metaphor was the insight for Magis to create the “Vraag het aan…”/”Voulez vous…” campaign, with the objective to guide smokers towards pharmacists or other professionals for the right help in quitting. The strategic potential in this sector approach is bigger than a specific brand campaign.

So are you or some in your environment open to quit? Pop the question… to your pharmacist.


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  • Magazine
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  • Client: Johnson&Johnson
  • Marketing: Stefaan Van Acker, Mieke Truyen, Anja Govaerts, Charlotte Van Herck
  • Agency:
  • Strategy & Client Lead: Iris Verdoodt
  • Content creation: Margo Verhasselt
  • Digital journey marketeer: Sebastiaan Willems
  • Production Manager: Vanessa Meynaert
  • Director: Jeroen
  • Camera: Tobias
  • Media Agency: J3

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